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Apr. 25th, 2013

Friend's only banner credit: deliranteverse in elicit_graphics

It's not that I'm proficient in Chinese that my page is full of Chinese characters, but those are the chapters from one of my favourite novels: Feng Yu Jiu Tian (凤于九天). Posting the Chinese version here is for my own reading, but feel free to read them too. This novel is simply great! >.< One novel that I forced myself to decipher Chinese to read =X


and because i love to spam pictures, here's another banner >.< because i couldn't decide which to use :x

Friend's only banner credit: deliranteverse inelicit_graphics
Originally posted by beren_writes at CISPA is the new SOPA and here we go again....
Originally posted by mieka_writes at CISPA is the new SOPA and here we go again....
Originally posted by lirren at CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by velvetwhip at CISPA is the new SOPA
Here's their next move: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States.

And CISPA would provide a victory for content owners who were shell-shocked by the unprecedented outpouring of activism in opposition to SOPA and Internet censorship.

The House of Representatives is planning to take up CISPA later this month. Click here to ask your lawmakers to oppose it.

SOPA was pushed as a remedy to the supposed economic threat of online piracy -- but economic fear-mongering didn't quite do the trick.

So those concerned about copyright are engaging in sleight of hand, appending their legislation to a bill that most Americans will assume is about keeping them safe from bad guys.

This so-called cyber security bill aims to prevent theft of "government information" and "intellectual property" and could let ISPs block your access to websites -- or the whole Internet.

Don't let them push this back-door SOPA. Click here to demand that your lawmakers oppose CISPA.

CISPA also encourages companies to share information about you with the government and other corporations.

That data could then be used for just about anything -- from prosecuting crimes to ad placements.

And perhaps worst of all, CISPA supercedes all other online privacy protections.

Please click here to urge your lawmakers to oppose CISPA when it comes up for a vote this month.

Thanks for fighting for the Internet.

-Demand Progress

The dark side is not giving up so we must continue to fight the good fight.

Russia needs a kick up the arse.

Originally posted by beren_writes at Russia needs a kick up the arse.

From Allout.org

Dear friend,

Did you know that lawmakers in Russia's cultural capital of Saint Petersburg just passed a law that would make it a "crime" to write a book, publish an article or speak in public about being gay, lesbian, bi or transgender - labeling it "homosexual propaganda"?

I just watched a powerful video illustrating this attack on fundamental rights, and joined thousands in signing a powerful message to the Governor, who has the power to veto the bill, letting him know that if this law advances - I won't be spending a single cent as a tourist in his city. And I'm telling my friends and family to do the same.

Major governments have condemned the bill, and a grassroots surge of calls and petitions hasn't been able to stop it's advance. But with Russia spending $11 billion in the next five years to attract international tourists, and Saint Petersburg's reputation as the cosmopolitan "window to the west," together we will make sure that the powers that be in Russia will hear our people power - and pocketbook power - loud and clear.

Sign this letter to the governor, and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. We only have a short window of time to pressure the Governor and demand that he VETO this backwards law. Every voice counts.

For more information on how to join the campaign, visit: http://www.allout.org/stpetersburg-dont-go

The Slippery Slope

Originally posted by beren_writes at The Slippery Slope
Stop Internet Censorship!
This is a petition to bring awareness and protest about Paypal being able to dictate to eBook sellers what forms of erotica they may and may not sell.

Lappy dead...Updates Halt....

My laptop died on me, taking my whole collection of novels and manga (and all other sorts of stuff) with it...I hope I manage to recover the harddisk contents safely...(when my sister's bf can finally help me do it anyway..which I have no idea when >.<)

Anyway, in this meantime, the chinese raws of fyjt updates would have to be put on halt since I have nothing with me.

And..off to bed I go..I only have 2 and a half hrs of slp b4 i have to wake to go to sch D=

Against ACTA

Originally posted by kangawu at post
Originally posted by cantarina1 at post
Originally posted by electricdruid at The fiasco continues

ACTA in a Nutshell –

What is ACTA?  ACTA is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. A new intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated by the United States, the European Community, Switzerland, and Japan, with Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada recently announcing that they will join in as well.

Why should you care about ACTA? Initial reports indicate that the treaty will have a very broad scope and will involve new tools targeting “Internet distribution and information technology.”

What is the goal of ACTA? Reportedly the goal is to create new legal standards of intellectual property enforcement, as well as increased international cooperation, an example of which would be an increase in information sharing between signatory countries’ law enforcement agencies.

Essential ACTA Resources

  • Read more about ACTA here: ACTA Fact Sheet
  • Read the authentic version of the ACTA text as of 15 April 2011, as finalized by participating countries here: ACTA Finalized Text
  • Follow the history of the treaty’s formation here: ACTA history
  • Read letters from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden wherein he challenges the constitutionality of ACTA: Letter 1 | Letter 2 | Read the Administration’s Response to Wyden’s First Letter here: Response
  • Watch a short informative video on ACTA: ACTA Video
  • Watch a lulzy video on ACTA: Lulzy Video

Say NO to ACTA. It is essential to spread awareness and get the word out on ACTA.

Via Tumblr


If you are in the US, the only thing I know of is this petition, which requires 25000 signatures in 30 days for any sort of response: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions#!/petition/end-acta-and-protect-our-right-privacy-internet/MwfSVNBK

There are only 3000 signatures right now.

I don't know what options there are in other countries, but again, for the US, I imagine calling Senators would be a course of action. It worked on the surface for SOPA and PIPA, at least, and it at least sends the message that this is not okay.

If you do, though, [personal profile] opusculus notes that it has been signed already so it is probably worthwhile to mention that you know that and are protesting it anyway.

ETA: this tumblr post has more global resources for how you can protest ACTA.


I shld just learn to not care

You know...I don't get the fact that you are asking for advice and yet, you don't want to tell me what exactly happened. It's not that I'm not concerned about you guys. I've always treated you guys as my friends - one of my closer friends in fact. But the fact remains that I just ain't that good or close of a friend I thought I was to you guys.

Putting this issue aside, you guys are always leaving me out when you guys have interesting stuff going on. It's one thing to leave me out of the loop, but it's another thing to do it and yet, tell (can I say boast?) it to me after.

I know saying/ feeling like this is no one's fault but my own. I mean I can't force people to treat me as their close friends. It's just not something to be forced. But I think I'm justified to feel disapoointed and hurt everytime it happens. My sister and Santa (today) told me why do I still bother about such friends, but I only have these friends. My social network is just that small. And it seems almost like the same way as Roti's case, I never seem to be able to learn my lesson. Therefore I always feel hurt and disappointed by the friends I assumed to be my close friends, but apparently not.